Packing conveyor

  • The roller conveyor is applicable to conveying articles that the bottom is plane, and the bulk cargo, small articles or irregular articles should be conveyed on the tray or in the turnover box. It can convey single materials with heavy weight, or bear large impact load.
  • The structural type of the roller conveyor is divided into power roller conveyor, unpowered roller conveyor and power & free roller conveyor according to the drive mode. It can be divided into horizontal roller conveyor, inclined roller conveyor and turning roller conveyor according to the line body type. It can be designed specially to meet the requirement of all clients according to the requirement of clients.
  • The roller conveyor is easy to be linked and filtered, and multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special machine constitute complex logistics conveying system to complete multi-aspect technological demands. The power & free roller can be used to realize stacking and conveying of materials.