Hot filling

The ultimate way filling the juice, tea
The ASG RXGF hot filling machine is a high flexible and reliable machine suitable for juice, tea and sports drinks, etc.

RXGF Hot filling Machine
  • Full filling prevents the bottle distorted after cooling and reduces dissolved oxygen at the maximum degree.
  • Output capacity up to 30,000 BPH.
  • Product storage hopper and feed system adopt reasonable product feed design (constant flow, constant pressure, no foaming). Usually, the high-level tank is utilized to feeding product.
  • Product hopper with reasonable structure. Medium and high-speed line adopts product distributor instead of the copious liquid carousel, which can be cleaned completely by pressure cleaning with CIP.
  • Sanitary filling valve system with umbrella-flow type structure, high speed.
  • Perfect hot filling temperature control system.
  • Product recycles tank system with automatic product feed start-up.
  • Perfect CIP system.