Self-adhesive labeller

Main Features:
  • This machine is suitable for single sided, double sided, full stickers and positioning labels.
  • Servo motor is used to dial the star wheel to separate the bottle. It can effectively prevent the bottle from scratching. The product can enter and leave the bottle smoothly and steadily when it runs at high speed.
  • The Chinese and English touch operated CVT system only needs to set the production capacity on the HMI interface when adjusting.
  • Use synchronous belt rotation to rotate the bottle body to ensure the accuracy and stability of labeling.
  • Adopt 750W high power, large torque and ultra small inertia servo motor to send the standard. The speed of sending the standard can reach 60m/min
  • The automatic central oil injection system only needs to set the automatic lubrication interval and oil injection quantity on the man-machine interface, which plays a very good role in maintaining the running parts, avoids the negligence of manual maintenance and prolongs the service life of the equipment.