ASG Group joins hands with Japan’s Ebara Food: Together, stronger!


ASG cooperates with Japan EBARA Group to develop in-depth cooperation
Japan Ebara Food Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known condiment food manufacturer. It’s established in Japan in 1958 based on high quality and high quality products and factory processes. Its sales exceeded 44 billion yen.


ASG as China’s top beverage filling machinery company, is determined to become the world’s first-class supplier of beverage seasonings, and joins hands with Ebara Food in-depth cooperation. The two have joined forces to combine the advantages of all parties. ASG uses its own advantages to provide partner with a super high standard soy sauce production line with a maximum output of 4,000 bottles per hour, maintaining high stability of the production while ensuring the quality to meet the strict food hygiene and safety standards of the Japanese market.


Together, stronger, let’s make the world more better!

Japan’s quality control is very strict, ASG beverage machinery is deeply honored. As a partner of the EBARA Group, the company is determined to present the best products and world-class service standards for partner! Together, stronger, let’s make the world more better!