Caps & Closures Market for Non-carbonated Beverages

When it comes to the Caps & Closures Market for Non-carbonated Beverages, then there are five leading players. These players hold a share of 50 percent in the market in the year of 2016. The leading companies working in the market include AptarGroup, Inc., Co KG, Bericap GmbH, Silgan Plastic Closure Solutions and Closure Systems International, Inc. They have used extensive development strategies to stand out in the market. Moreover, they have many assembling offices across the world.


Caps & Closures Market for Non-carbonated Beverages


Non-carbonated beverages have a place in the market of caps and closures, but there are limitations. The big makers in the beverage industry are paying attention to the quality and brand name. They are following different strategies and techniques to make their items prominent. With time, the competition in the Caps & Closures Market is rising. So, the market leaders are increasing their reach across the globe. They are going for long-standing deals. The small vendors have the advantage of adopting the latest technological innovation before the big vendors. The reason behind it is that the big vendors will need to handle switching costs when adopting new technology.


According to the analysts, the Caps & Closures Market for non-carbonated drinks is expected to register a 5.4 percent CAGR from 2016 to 2030. In the year 2016, the value of the market reached 6.32 billion US dollars. Till the end of 2030, this value will reach up to 14.85 billion US dollars. Dependent on the application, the bottled water segment led the Caps & Closures Market for non-carbonated beverages in the year of 2016. It will keep on leading the market in the upcoming years.

One of the main issues that the makers of non-carbonated drinks are facing is the switching costs. They have to take out a big amount of cash to switch from current technologies to more updated ones. It incorporates switching from the polyethylene-based two-piece conclusion to a more updated version. It not just incorporates costs but attention as well. To handle new technologies, it is important to hire new workers who can handle modern technology or else giving knowledge to the current employees. Both of these things will also raise the cost.


Important Machines For Non-carbonated Beverage Industry


For the non-carbonated drinks, the makers will need to use a special beverage filling equipment. The working principle of bottle water filling machine and juice filling machine is the same. The makers can also choose any of these machines for non-carbonated drinks filling process. In case, the makers have to produce carbonated drinks; then they will need to choose the carbonated beverage filling equipment. Its working principle is different from the others.


The other important machine for the non-carbonated beverage industry is the capping machine. The makers can either use mineral water capping machine or juice capping machine for their non-carbonated drinks. Both these machines will work for them in the same manner. They also work on the same principle.


Both capping and beverage filling equipment have their specifications and features. The beverage companies should get a machine according to their liquid type. Like this, they will be able to make the right decision.