The importance of water treatment technology in filling system

Water is an essential requirement for sustaining life at all levels. With the ever increasing population, there has been an enormous amount of pressure on the natural water sources duet to over dependence. With such pressure in addition to the activities of industries (pollution), access to good water for consumption has become a major challenge.



Today, potable water for consumption has become an expensive commodity to acquire. However, some methods have been adopted in providing solution to the challenge. One of such is by obtaining or running water from sources such as seas, rivers and lakes through a range of clarification processes and treatment systems to make it pure and safe for consumption.


This is the stage where the water treatment systems play a huge role. So far, this has led to a growth in the water filling machine business.


Water treatment system


The water treatment system continues to play vital role in ensuring the steady provision of clean drinking water which is an essential need for the population to lead productive lives and a necessity to sustain our race as humans.


The water, which has undergone the essential treatment process is made to run through the water filling machine which is then used to fill the bottles. This way, it is made available for drinking.


Now, let’s look at the types of treatment plants.


The different water treatment systems that exist include;


Reverse Osmosis


In this form of water treatment system, also referred to as RO, water under pressure is made to pass through a semi-permeable membrane. Such membrane barrier selectively allows water molecules through them while those dissolved salts are left behind. The water treatment RO system is used to obtain water that is free from harmful ions and clean for drinking.


Ultra violet


The principle of the ultraviolet method is based on the UV rays from the sun that kills germs. This principle has been adopted in the design of special lamps which emit UV light at a frequency that is enough to eliminate any microbial life.




This process of water treatment involves the passage of water through series of filters. This is done to eliminate properties such as turbidity, taste, color and odor. This process is used to achieve water that is fit for drinking. Basic properties of filters include oxidative, neutralizing and adsorptive ability.




This stage or process involves the evaporation of water hence separating it from the dissolved constituents. Cooling follows and the water is finally collected. It takes some time and energy hence constitutes the bulk of the water treatment system cost.


Water filling machine


Here, the water which has undergone the stages of treatment is transferred to sterile containers using the water filing machine. However, it is important to ensure that the filling machine do not pollute the treated water. This can be achieved by choosing the best kind of filling machine which ensures that the entire water filling process are carried out hygienically.


Bottle cleaning


It is important to ensure that the bottles to be used for storing the water is clean.


Filling process


The filling process should be carried out precisely and in a hygienic manner to ensure that the volume of water in the bottles are uniform. This is important for selling purposes.



The final phase of the bottling process involves capping of the filled bottles and labeling and packaging.