The most popular official announcement | ASG group stunning appearance at the Shanghai CBB Exhibition!

At the 2018 (13th) China Brew China Beverage Exhibition, the star enterprise Jiangsu ASG Packaging Machinery Group made a big splash, which not only attracts peers, but also attracts strong observers from all over the world.
Let us appreciate the style of ASG!



ASG trade colleagues use the spirit of “professionalism, dedication, and concentration”, adhering to the concept of customer first, receiving every foreign friend, introducing products with heart, showing the style of international large enterprises.



The exhibition not only became the strongest position of Chinese enterprises, but also allowed international friends to stop at the booth and talked with the colleagues of ASG International Department. Foreign companies at the show have been appreciative.



“This product is really Amazing!” “Come on, let’s take a closer look”



We welcome every international friend with the most professional attitude. The foreign language of the top 500 companies is also a small case for us!






As a successful company, we must not only have excellent products, but also the ethics and values of big companies. ASG is not only a proper benchmarking company in the beverage packaging industry, but also a dark horse in charity.
Every year, ASG will not forget the initial publicity to give back to the society to cultivate the enterprise. We have always been doing it silently, not asking for a return, and persuading everything with execution.



Every enterprise has an inherent corporate culture. The three transformations and positive energy of ASG have always implemented the entire enterprise: specialization, internationalization, and innovation. While pursuing new technologies, we will not forget to conceal one’s true intentions. We will keep our eyes on the stars, but we will never forget to be down-to-earth. The management needs to lead by example. It is often seen that managers holding a book on management on the way to business trips.
Just like Nongfu Springs slogan “We are just nature’s porters.” ASG is a “filled with advanced technology” train to the international community. ASG not only has to work hard to create superior products, but also pay more attention to employee training and development.



ASG Group has laid a solid foundation for every professional step in more than 20 years. Nowadays, ASG, as a benchmark enterprise in the beverage machinery industry, not only advertises the demeanor of outstanding enterprises in the industry, but also drives Chinese beverage machinery technology out of Asia and brings it to the world!


We are the brightest stars in the sky
(Knock on the blackboard!)
China has more than high-speed rail and Alipay
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