What is a Workflow of Water Filling System?

The application of filling equipment has already been very common with the development of modern market economy. The water filling machine is used to realize the production mode of the product and the form of filling is also completed. It can also promote the market development atmosphere, which will enhance more opportunities for the improvement of Chinese overall economic outlook.


However, the water filling machine manufacturers nowadays is too complicated, so it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the liquid filling machine.


First, it is the classification of liquid filling machines. The liquid filling machine can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine according to the filling principle; the atmospheric pressure filling machine is filled by liquid self-weight under atmospheric pressure. This type of filling machine is divided into two types: timed filling and constant filling. It is only suitable for filling low viscosity gas-free liquids such as milk and wine.

Hot filling machine

Second, it is the production process of the water filling machine. The workflow of a liquid filling machine is generally as follows:


The boxes with empty bottles are stacked on the pallets and sent to the unloading tray by the conveyor belt. The pallets are unloaded one by one and the boxes are sent to the unloading machine with the conveyor belt. Then, the empty bottles are taken out of the boxes and the empty boxes are transported through the conveyor belt. It is sent to the washing machine, cleaned and then transported to the side of the cartoner to fill the bottle containing the water.


The empty bottle taken out from the unloader is sent to the bottle washer for disinfection and cleaned by another conveyor belt. It is inspected by the bottle inspection machine, then enters the filling machine and the capping machine after meeting the cleaning standards. The water is filled into the bottle by the filling machine.


The bottle with water is sealed by the capping machine and transported to the labeling machine for labeling. After the label is attached, it is sent to the packing machine and placed in the box and then sent to the stacking tray machine for stacking on the tray and sent to the warehouse.