Disinfectant blending system

Disinfectant blending system adopts the method of adding disinfectant original solution to the water to sterilize the inner and outer surfaces of the packaging materials used for the production line, such as bottles and caps.

Main features:
  • Different disinfectant blending systems are used according to the different disinfectants used in the production process. It can carry out the preparation of ClO2, NaClO3, U-JAY, peracetic acid and other chemicals to make it meet the requirements for the process to be used.
  • The disinfectant can be heated to increase the bactericidal effect according to the temperature requirements of the use of different disinfectants.
  • This system can be used either manually or through on-line detection instruments to achieve automatic blending of disinfectant. It can be configured according to the user’s requirements and is very flexible.