Linear stretch blow molding

Low operator requirement, flexible and efficient
ASG Linear PET stretch blow molding machine has great reliability, along with high output capacity and stability. Be able to produce high-quality PET bottles for the primary beverage company. This machine is mainly utilized to produce PET bottles for pure water, mineral water, and other water-related beverages.

Linear PET stretch blow molding machine
  • One touchscreen control all.
  • Secondary blowing system designed to ensure the stability of the bottle molding quality, in order to meet clients’ standards.
  • Using infrared heater thermostat control, digital automatic voltage regulator thermostat system.
  • Two-time blowing system has real-time monitoring the pressure variation curve during the molding process of each cavity. The real-time parameter for the technical adjustment is available.
  • Equipped with automatic processing machines and perform billet hoist.