Condeliment products filling

The ideal solution for all condiments products
The ASG GF series condiments filling machine is suitable for all kinds of edible oil, juice, seasoning etc. The machine apply electronic measuring mode and special liquid component to realize low foam volumetric filling and non-contact filling under all temperature condition. Adopt ALCOA capping technology to realize full direction COP cleaning.

Condiments filling machine
  • The air conveyor is directly connect with starwheel. The starwheel has the bottle separation function and bottleneck holding the device.
  • Few changeover parts.
  • Bottle transferring is by bottleneck holding way.
  • The spraying nozzle makes rinsing water be sprayed by a set angle, so the bottle could be cleaned completely and the rinsing water is saved.
  • The condiments filling machine has corrosion resistance design, long life, no lubrication, which decrease the operating cost.
  • The bottle-out starwheel is of screw down shape.
  • Making corresponding filling forms according to different materials, so as to satisfy the filing requirement, also, it can be cleaned with CIP circuit system.