General infomation

Our goals

As a leading Chinese manufacturer of commercial liquid packaging line, ASG is committed to providing customers quick and valuable service to help improve production efficiency. We guarantee 24/7 quick response to customer service requests and customized service.

Quick maintenance

ASG guarantee the quick turnaround time for maintenance to ensure minimum delay in production.

Maintenance agreement

As a reliable machine supplier, ASG offers customer care-free maintenance options to help improve production efficiency.

Optimization and improvement

We offer process upgrade, efficiency optimization and energy-saving improving solutions for customers.

Spare Parts

Spare parts provided by ASG are designed and tested by our engineering department to ensure the same high quality with original parts, in order to ensure customers with a short lead time, we have spare parts warehouse for after-sale service. After receiving requests from customers, most of the machine parts and maintenance parts can be supplied with a quick turnaround time.

Technical Support

Technical Support

ASG provides remote as the fastest technical and technological service for customers by our experienced team of application engineers.

Remote data analysis

In order to optimize production line conditions, our engineers are able to remotely edit your key data point in process and production database. By conducting data analysis, equipment running conditions ca be well optimized.

Field connecting diagnosis

Only with your permission, our engineers can remotely access software system, connect field monitoring system, identify issues using data analysis and field video, and produce troubleshooting solutions.

Customer training

ASG offers comprehensive training plans and application consulting classes via onsite and inline sections to ensure the maximum performance of all of our machines. Our training includes but not limited to function and structure principle, machine information and operation programs, maintenance and troubleshooting. Our experienced engineers will provide instructions that are easy to understand for your operation field personnel, help them identify issues and solve problems that they may experience during production.