Liquor filling

Main features:
  • External long-tube mechanical valve, or short-tube flow meter filling. CO2 is used to fully replace the air in the PET bottle, effectively reducing the oxygen content in the bottle.
  • Adjustable high-efficiency spray nozzle. The PET beer bottle can be fully cleaned, while at the same time saving the amount of washing water.
  • The level and pressure of the filling cylinder are controlled by analog level probes and precision control valves, respectively.
  • CO2 concentration compensation device in the filling cylinder to ensure stable pressure and high purity of CO2 back pressure.
  • Capping machine is equipped with a high-pressure squeezing device in front of it so that the resident air at the bottleneck can be reduced to a minimum value.
  • The whole machine is equipped with a centralized lubrication system, which lubricates each lubrication point and is particularly convenient for maintenance.