Sleeve labeller

The mechanism is a kind of new-type & advanced driving device of hot shrink trapping label machine, that is, a kind of device with four-wheel drive, automatic centering and four-wheel balanced pressure. The electrical appliance adopted by this type of label sleeve machine are all imported configuration, in addition, it adopts the high-velocity positioning module, imported servo motor, servo driver, servo controller and fully-automatic adjustment as well as humanized operation. It applies to such food & beverage industries as fruit juice, tea drink, dairy products, pure water, condiments, beer and sports drink, etc. of all kinds of bottle types. It not only has a highly precise position for casting label, but also can withstand the perfect shape of the bottle after shrinkage.

Main features:
  • In automatic state, the machine can detect the bottles in the production line to stop and enter the bottle screw automatically according to the block and bottle plug inductor installed before and after the marking machine, in order to achieve automatic production.
  • According to the rate of production requirements to control the delivery schedule, the speed of the operation is completely user-friendly.
  • Fullyautomatic fault detection, with man-machine interface display and three-color lights alarm promptly find out the cause of the equipment failure.
  • The whole machine transmission mechanism (conveyor belt, bottle positioning belt, split bottle screw and rolling film conveying system) uses frequency converter synchronizer to control each transmission motor with only one knob adjustment, so that it can easily adjust the speed of the whole machine.
  • Adopt  full gear transmission and H-type four-wheel drive design makes the label high-speed delivery more stable, longer mechanical life.
  • Adopt the drawer type design and the built-in micro photoelectric have no need to manually calibrate the cutter position when removing or installing. It can avoid blocking and labeling because of the uncorrected cutter location.
  • Mechanical drive is used to drive a bottle positioning belt on both sides. When the whole group is replaced with the bottle, the lift and width of the bottle group are adjusted synchronously with a handwheel to achieve the speed and convenience of the adjustment.
  • Use a single material type tray. The membrane material is configured to detect optoelectronic, when the film free material is automatically stopped and displayed in English with a warning lamp and a touch screen.
  • In order to ensure the stability of the subscript, a motor is used in conjunction with a double - sided arc synchronous belt to synchronize the brush wheel.