Robot palletizer

Palletizing system
The palletizing system includes robot, grip part, box steering device, box component, stacker, and stacker transport unit. The robot palletizing system provides a variety of possibilities for beverage companies. This single robot palletizer requires limited space and provides extreme flexibility, stability, meanwhile get the job done smoothly.

Reliable working
The machine is using the robot to accurately and reliably move the cartons on the stacks which is ready on the stacking unit from the conveyor.

Stable operation
The palletizing robot action, including the lifting, and landing movement for each time is accurate and smooth.

The high efficiency of production
In the working process of palletizing systems, starting and termination are both slow and smooth, the midway movement is fast, which low down the non-working time, turns out the production process is more efficiency.

Simple operation
The palletizing system is fully automatic. It’s able to adjust the speed of operation and synchronize with the whole production line automatically.

Reasonable structure
The palletizing system has reasonable mechanical structure, reliable pneumatic device, and advanced electronic control technology.

Safe and reliable
In addition to setting protective cover and net, the palletizing system has photoelectric safety protection unit. When the operator enters the dangerous area, it stops automatically.