COP/SOP system

The automatic COP/SOP system can perform foam cleaning and disinfectant spraying on the surface of equipment with detergents and disinfectants. This system is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting chemicals including alkaline foams, acid-based foams, disinfectant foams, and peroxyacids, and has been effectively used in food processing companies of beverages, beer, or milk.

The equipment consists of pneumatic system, chemical addition system, and process water inlet system. The pneumatic system is the main source of foam generation in the COP system. It is divided into high pressure and low pressure. Users can choose according to their needs. The chemical addition system is added by using an imported diaphragm type metering pump. According to the set concentration, the frequency of the metering pump is automatically adjusted by the flow rate detection value of the process water to control the concentration of the cleaning liquid within a required range. In the process water system, the frequency of the main pump is changed by the detected value of the flow meter, so that the flow rate is kept within the set range.