Homogeneous degassing system

For cloudy juice, it is necessary to break down the fibers and granules by high-pressure homogenization to distribute them evenly and finely so as to improve the physical properties and the mouthfeel of beverage products. A plunger pump is generally used as the homogenizer. The liquid product flows at a very high speed through the narrow gap between the valve seat and the valve core. Under the triple action of the shearing effect, the impact produced by high-velocity jetting, and the cavitation effect caused by the instantaneous pressure drop, the material can be ultra-finely pulverized to form a liquid-solid dispersion.

The homogenization pressure of the juice can be 25-40 MPa, matching the use of the homogenizer of the domestic first-class brand. Degassing is to avoid oxidation, but it will remove volatile aromas at the same time. The solution to this problem is to add an aroma recovery device. Therefore, the two operations of homogenization and degassing should be carried out after proper heating. They are often used in series with UHT, that is, after the UHT preheating section.