Inverted bottle sterilization

The bottle inverted sterilization chain is a special equipment for the production line. ASG design the bottle inverted sterilization chain with the technological characteristics of the high-temperature filling line. It makes the filled and capped bottles tilt to use the product temperature to do sterilizing for caps and ensure the product quality. Products in the conveying process are guided through the two chain perpendicular to each other, to realize bottle tilts automatically and holds time for sterilization and automatic erection. The whole process is smooth and reliable.

The main motor of the equipment is controlled by OMRON microcomputers from Japan and variable frequency speed control. The conveying system is composed of imported polymer material heat-resistant chain plate and stainless steel chain. The surface of the plate is smooth and the wear is small. A heat-resistant rubber sleeve is installed on the wide chain plate to ensure the smooth operation of the bottle. The fuselage is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The appearance is beautiful, clean and sanitary.

Main features:
  • Suitable for various specifications bottle type, simple and quick when replacing the bottle type.
  • Modular design, each standard component can be combined arbitrarily to meet the needs of different products.
  • Bottle inverted chain made of imported high strength stainless steel chain: imported heat-resistant polymer material chain plate, resistant to the high temperature of 95℃.
  • Adopt the entire line of centralized control and decentralized control combined.