PET Technologies Stretch Blow Molding Machines

PET is one of the best materials to make the beverage bottles. Many companies from all around the world are making containers of this material. The studies have shown that PET material is better as contrasted to the PVC, glass, and aluminum materials. There are many reasons to choose this material over others. The main purpose of its popularity is that it is highly recyclable. You can easily recycle the PET bottles as many times as you want. They are cheap when it comes to production. With the help of an automatic PET bottle blowing machine, the manufacturers are producing the top quality PET bottles.


With time, the demand for PET bottles is increasing in the beverage industry. For that reason, the demand for the PET stretch blow molding machine is also increasing.


PET Technologies – Stretch molding machines

Stretch blow molding machine is one of the finest machines to produce PET bottles. This machine has the capacity to make thousands of bottles per hour. The working principle of this equipment is comprehensible. It follows the typical method of stretch molding. With the help of the latest PET technologies, the manufacturers have made this machine more efficient.

There are diverse types of machines used to make PET bottles. For instance, the on line PET blowing machines have top-quality components with amazing mechanical systems. The pneumatic systems are also present in them. On the other hand, the stretch blow molding equipment is widely utilized in the cosmetic, chemical, beverage, food, pharmaceuticals, and toy packaging.



Latest Development – Stretch molding machines

Due to the latest development in the PET technologies, the automatic PET bottle blowing machine is capable of producing high output in a short period. A typical machine can now provide an output range of 6000 to 14,000 BPH for the volume of bottles ranging from 0.3 to 3L. The latest machinery has many cavity configurations. Each model has a specific number of cavity configurations. For that reason, you have to choose the model of the machine wisely. However, the mold cavities are easy to separate from the equipment. So, you can install or remove them according to your needs. It will only take 10 to 15 minutes to change the blow molding and produce the new type of PET bottles.


The advanced stretch molding machine has different servo drives to assure the stable production of the PET bottles. The servo drives are present in the closing unit of the mold. Some of these machines have such programs through which you can adjust the speed and output range.


The molder of this machine is featured with the short-wave of a particular type. This short-wave is present close to the NIR. This machine follows a method that has diverse advantages. The preform heating of this machine makes it efficient to use. It is equipped with a small heater. Because of this reason, the output of this equipment is higher than the other PET making machines. On the other hand, it provides PET bottles in perfect dimensions and amazing styles.