Carbonation mixer

The carbonation mixer is used to mix the syrup, water, and CO2 together. It is composed of deaeration tank, syrup mixer, plate heat exchanger, carbonation tank, pipes, and valves. After deaeration, product water mixes with syrup in a certain proportion, and cooled to 0-2℃ through the plate type heat exchanger, then fully contacts with CO2 in carbonation tank to finish carbonation.

The WYH series beverage mixer produced by ASG has the advantages of reasonable structure, high mixing precision, two carbonation and high gas content in CO2. It is mainly suitable for the mixed production of various carbonated beverages, and can also be used for processing other soft drinks. The machine is the main key equipment in the complete set of equipment for the production of carbonated drinks.

Main features:
All the parts contact with the beverage are made of high-quality stainless steel. Both the inner and outer surfaces are finely polished and fully meet the international food hygiene requirements.

Adopt one-time mixing of advanced technology, mixed. The mixing ratio of water and syrup is strictly controlled by the metering device with fine-tuning function, and the average error of mixing accuracy is not more than 2%.

The machine is deoxygenated by replacement method and carbonized two times. The result for that is the product has high gas content which is up to 4.0.

The machine is made of a closed system made of stainless steel, equipped with a device to clean the disinfectant and hot water for the equipment and pipes with CIP in-situ cleaning. So that the beverage produced by this machine can meet the hygienic requirements.